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“The three diverse worlds of Angie and Keith Freeland, Corporate, Spiritual and Paranormal. Welcome to UR Who Associates”

UR Who Associates – Three worlds in one!

Keith Freeland, for many years, has had a saying “it’s all the same stuff”. He used this frequently when he saw a new product offered by an HR consultancy when it was clear that it was the same stuff just repackaged and remarketed as something new. He went further, proving “it’s all the same stuff” when he partnered with a record producer having no knowledge of HR or the corporate world, to produce their groundbreaking leadership workshop The Leaders Voice. Intrigued by “its all the same stuff” he became involved in the world of psychics and mediums as Angie, his wife, began her personal journey and development into that world. He believed that what is known as “psychic” is a more mysterious way to describe what he knew to be a well developed state of intuition or gut feel. He partnered with Angie in the psychic world finding that his intuitive skills served him well as a psychic proving again that “it’s all the same stuff”. Keith and Angie now work together as both coaches and psychics. Welcome to the world of “it’s all the same stuff”. Welcome to the three worlds of UR Who Associates.


UR Who Associates – The Unknown

Enter the Paranormal world of Angie and Keith Freeland the premier husband and wife Ghosthunting team in the UK and Ireland. They are real life ghostbusters! Join their public Ghosthunts or contact them to arrange a private investigation if you are experiencing ghostly paranormal or poltergeist activity in your home, work or business premises. Where there are ghosts Angie and Keith Freeland will be the first there to investigate with their ghostbusting equipment.


UR Who Associates – Reunited

Explore the mediumistic world of Angie Freeland, Psychic medium. Internationally known psychic medium Angie Freeland is renowned for the accuracy of her psychic readings and mediumistic readings. Trained by internationally acclaimed Tony Stockwell and at his psychic studio in Essex, England Angie has often been compared to John Edward from the USA and Psychic Sally Morgan from the UK. Join Angie at one of her successful “Audiences with Angie Freeland” or contact her for details of one to one psychic and medium readings or a private Audience with Angie in your home with a group of friends and relations.



UR Who Associates – Who are you?

UR Who Associates are a niche HR and management consultancy owned and run by Keith Freeland. Keith has worked in the field of HR since 1976 as a practising HR Management practitioner and Leadership Development and Coaching Specialist in global organisations.He is a specialised leadership coach working in the field of Leadership Presence, Charisma and communication. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in the UK, a qualified coach to International Coach Federation  ICF Professional Creditation level and a Master in Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP. Keith’s wife Angie is also an NLP Practitioner, qualified coach and psychotherapist who, when specialising in Psychotherapy was an accredited member of BACP, British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. Together they work with a wide team of experienced and qualified consultant associate specialists in the fields of Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Talent Management, Organisation Development and Training.

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