Angie Freeland Psychic Medium

Angie Freeland Psychic Medium

How it all began...............

Angie Freeland has become one of the most popular psychic medium’s in Ireland and further afield with her everyday, down to earth style and staggeringly accurate readings. She leaves individuals and audiences amazed by the details she is able to reveal that it would have been totally impossible to have known by any other way than her connection with the spirits of loved ones. She has often been compared to Psychic Sally Morgan in England and John Edward in the USA.

Born in London, England, her parents came from Arklow and Dungarven in Ireland which Angie now regards as her family and spiritual home. Angie can recall as early as aged 4 or 5 when, in her bed at night she was able to hear things when she knew the house was totally quiet. She didn’t understand what this was and regularly pulled the bedclothes over her head in the hope that she would block out what was happening to her. She was also constantly aware that somebody was around her but rarely felt she could talk about what was happening to her with her family.

Through her life Angie lived with the fact that she was “different” not even speaking to her husband Keith, who has been a part of her life since she was 21.

It was not until Angie’s sister, Brenda, passed in 2002, sadly only in her forties, that something happened compelling Angie to do something about what she now knew to be true, that she was a psychic and a medium. Angie was always close to her sister and struggled to accept the fact that she was no longer alive. One night Brenda came to Angie. She told Angie that she “was holding her in her hands and not her heart” preventing her from fully passing over onto the spiritual plane. She reassured Angie that she was fine, would always be with her but she must now let her go. Angie was distressed by what had happened but totally convinced that it was Brenda, her sister, who had come through to her that night. This was the turning point in Angie’s spiritual journey. By this time Angie, in her bed at night would regularly hear her name being called. This was clearly her calling.

Angie had always been fascinated by the paranormal, constantly watching popular TV programmes of paranormal investigations from around the world. Her husband Keith suggested, as a treat, that they both spend a night attending an organised ghosthunt. The first paranormal investigation they attended was an eye opener for Angie. The night’s proceedings, attended by an experienced medium, resulted in Angie being able to offer as much, if not more, information about past events in the building, than the medium! They attended a second organised ghosthunt after which Angie spoke to the medium who urged her to channel her energies and develop her gifts as a psychic and medium. She predicted that Angie would be a powerful healer. This was to come true as, apart from the healing dimension to her work as a psychic medium, Angie is also a qualified and practising Reiki healer.

At this time Angie was a qualified and accredited psychotherapist and had been practising for a number of years. Angie was now increasingly feeling that she must leave the world of psychotherapy to follow her calling as a psychic medium.

Angie, her husband Keith and their two children David and Jodi lived at that time in Essex and, after some research online she discovered that, less than 5 miles away from where they lived was the home of world renowned Psychic Medium of stage and screen, Tony Stockwell and the base for his Psychic Studio offering regular circles for developing psychic mediums. Initially both Angie and Keith attended a one day psychic awareness workshop of Tony’s held locally. Following a conversation with Tony and an exciting evening when Tony agreed to have dinner with Angie and Keith at their home, Angie was enrolled at the Tony Stockwell Psychic Studio. Her spiritual journey had now truly started. Angie spent a year training at Tony Stockwell’s Psychic Studio and continued to be mentored and coached by Amanda Gray from the studio following her training. Amanda predicted that Angie’s strength as a psychic medium was on stage working with an audience.

Angie has regular readings herself and from three different mediums over a period of time a consistent picture began to emerge. This involved working as a psychic medium on stage working with an audience and on television. How true these predictions were although, at the time, Angie felt it difficult to believe.

The next stage of Angie’s journey took her to Ireland, home to her considerable family in the South East of Ireland. She was mysteriously drawn to a 17th century gaol with a very gruesome past, Wicklow Gaol. Her feeling was that her ancestors had been inmates in the gaol, a fact that has since been verified. Following privately arranged visits into the gaol with smalls groups of friends and relations after hours a close liaison developed between Angie and Wicklow Gaol. This partnership resulted in Angie and Keith’s successful public paranormal investigations at the gaol, her first stage appearance in front of a large audience, TV and radio appearances and many articles in national newspapers. It also resulted in Angie and Keith joining the paranormal team The Irish Ghosthunters led by Dublin based Today FM radio’s DJ, Tim Kelly.

Angie’s popularity as a psychic medium has continued to grow and grow. Her online Facebook page, Angie Freeland Psychic Medium has a huge following. Her writings, be it her online thought of the day, her poems or her other compositions are read around the world.

Despite her ever growing popularity as a psychic medium Angie humbly and consistently maintains that the spirits she is on contact with are the main players in her world, she is merely the “vessel” that spirits use to communicate with their loved ones in the physical plain. When communicating with spirit, Angie says “I always feel spirit around me initially, then I might see them or they will speak to me”.

For everybody who has a reading from Angie there is no doubt that she can genuinely speak to the dead and, despite what she says, Angie is a truly gifted person who brings light, hope and peace into the lives of everybody whose life she touches.

Contact Angie for the following:

  • One to one readings.
  • Psychic/Mediumistic evening in your home with a group of friends and relations.
  • Public Psychic/Mediumistic demonstrations.
  • Media appearances.
  • Reiki healing consultation.

How to make contact with Angie:

Become a fan of Angie Freeland Psychic Medium on Facebook to keep up to date on what she is doing, where she is appearing and receive her thought for the day. Communicate with her directly online through her Facebook page.!/pages/Angie-Freeland-Psychic-Medium/125924124117965?ref=ts



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